Grim’s Treasure – Dev Blog #1

Feb 27, 2018 | Grim's Treasure | 0 comments

Grim’s Treasure is going through some screen layout changes in order to accommodate 16:9 resolutions on monitors. This is a little easy since it is a pixelated retro-style indie game based on 2D Zelda, however I wanted to keep the number of tiles displayed on the screen the same throughout all monitors. The minimum screen size is: 480 (width) x 270 (height). Each room will be limited to 9 x 7 tiles which leaves about 122 pixels on the left side of the screen for our in-game menu.

Display settings in my Godot engine.

The in-game menu will have the map, health, equipped items, inventory, and other important player statuses. This is nice to have while taking advantage of the extra screen width in a 16:9 resolution and avoiding opening up a secondary menu on top of the screen like traditional Zelda games.

In-game menu on the left and the game room on the right.

This update was an important push to getting Grim’s Treasure onto full-screen monitors and enjoying the pixelated action adventure gameplay! Let me know what you think about this resolution and screen layout below.

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